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We educate and improve
the quality of life for all people.

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SR1 is committed to eliminating the disparities in
health, education & technology.

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We facilitate personal and professional growth, and social interaction within the community while serving as a catalyst for community growth and economic development.

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Under visionary leadership, SR1 has begun to offer evidenced-based, innovative, and efficiently-run programs that are aimed at doing nothing less than breaking the cycle of generational issues for the more than 300 students, their families, and communities that we serve annually.

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We collaborate with public and private partners to decrease disparities among citizens, with special emphasis among unrepresented minorities.

We are leaders in eliminating disparities in education, health, and technology.   

We provide high-quality
equity services in education,
health, and technology
based on research and passionate partnerships.

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Thanks to generous donations, it's all FREE

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SR1 utilizes an award-winning model of success with results that show that students who participate in SR1 services have significant improvements academically and socially. Our staff guarantees “College Access and Success” for those who remain within SR1’s pipeline of services.

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