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SR1 Holds Vaccine Clinic for Jackson Area Residents

The recent SR1 Covid-19 Vaccine Drives have proved to be a success! According to the Mississippi Department of Health’s data, Covid-19 cases are once again surging in the state. State health officials say more children are affected now. This occurs the same time students are returning to school and in-person class.

SR1 wants students to stay in school and in-person learning this year! To ensure this, SR1 has hosted Covid-19 Vaccine Drives. SR1 COO Dorlisa Hutton, said, “We need to keep them healthy. We need to keep them engaged and learning. The best place for them academically and socially will be in school, but we need to make sure they have all the resources they need to stay safe, to keep their classmates safe and also their teachers.”

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is approved for ages 12 and up. SR1 recently held a Vaccine Drive with TrustCare at Fondren Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Everyone aged 12 and up could receive the vaccine. “We will help reduce the burden on the healthcare system, keep our students in school and also for those siblings who are under the age of 12 who right now cannot be vaccinated, it will also keep them safe as well,” Hutton said.

To encourage students and their families and community members to get the vaccine, SR1 offered a $500 award to the school or student activity with the most participants getting the first and second shot! SR1 leaders say Forest Hill’s Band department had the most participants! Stay tuned for more information on this!

The Vaccine Drive was a team effort between SR1 employees, volunteers, and TrustCare officials and workers. SR1 leaders hope this will reduce the number of cases in the local communities and among school-aged children. Hutton said, “We are doing this to help our students stay in in-person learning so they can get back to their favorite activities. We just want them to stay in school with in-person learning this year and also keep their families and communities safe.”

SR1 hopes to host more Covid-19 Vaccine Drives in the future.

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