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C.O.O.L.™ stands for Community
Oriented Opportunities for Learning.

Cause #3 –
SR1 C.O.O.L.™ College Preparatory & STEM Academy (CPSA)

SR1 is opening the first free public college preparatory and STEM charter school in the state of Mississippi. Why is this important?

In the U.S., college preparatory schools have been used to prepare high school students for the rigors of college-based education. The preparations involve the exposure of students to advanced-level academic programs and structures. The opening of a college prep school by SR1 is a progressive move, especially considering that we will begin our college prep and STEM education in kindergarten.


According to a report by American Affairs, only 20% of U.S. high school graduates are prepared for college-level coursework in STEM courses, a number that decreases with the number of college graduates of STEM courses. More research indicates that 40% of black students drop out of STEM courses before they graduate, and a factor may be because they were not properly prepared for STEM courses prior to entering college.

The advantages of having a college preparatory and STEM-based school in the state and the nation is as follows:

  1. The provisions of a nurturing and supportive learning environment for students: Prep schools enable students to grow socially and academically, as well as bolstering admission to highly selective colleges and universities.

  2. The schools help in building a well-educated and skilled workforce: STEM-based schools and college prep schools instill key skills while building a foundation for students to succeed in college and beyond. A strong workforce promotes the development of the state of Mississippi and the whole nation.

  3. Fostering a culture of excellence for the nation: By setting high academic standards, especially in STEM courses which are considered tough, students who have gone through college prep schools and STEM chartered institutions can strive to be their best and create a culture of excellence that goes beyond their benefits.

4. The promotion of diversity and inclusivity: The support of underrepresented groups to undergo college preparation studies within STEM-based institutions is important since it encourages members of such groups to pursue STEM courses at the university level, improving  diversity and inclusivity in affiliated industries.

5. Development of technology and innovation: The institutions aid in nurturing a new generation of scientists and engineers who will further enable the development of new technology supporting the nation’s growth.

Our STEM-based school is essential since it ensures that students are involved in actual hands-on  STEM activities. Exposure to STEM courses helps students establish their areas of strength, a great move in connecting them to suitable institutions of higher learning for career development.


 STEM charter schools should be supported as they provide a stepping-stone to students for interaction with real-world STEM applications.


With your tax-deductible donation, the next generation of scientists will be able to learn and grow their skills in a healthy and safe environment and with your support, this dream can be effectively realized ensuring that the highest level of college preparations as well as the continued emphasis on STEM promotion is achieved.

Click here to learn more about SR1 College Preparatory and STEM Academy -

With your tax-deductible donation, underserved students will receive quality college preparatory services, inclusive of college visits, hands-on innovative academic and social skills, and soft skills training. With your support, students will receive the highest level of college access and success and their dreams of attending college can be effectively realized.



Mrs. Y. Brown
Ms. D. Hutton
Walmart Ridgeland, Mississippi
University of Mississippi Center for Math and Science Education


($1,001- $50,000)

Kia Graham
Entergy Mississippi
Mississippi State Department of Health
Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries & Parks
Walmart Foundation
Wells Fargo



Mississippi Department of Education
Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service

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