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C.O.O.L.™ stands for Community
Oriented Opportunities for Learning.

Cause #6 –
SR1 C.O.O.L.™

Community Health Project 

Physical activities including walking, basketball, and volleyball, among others, are key to the development of healthy living. This project is among the key pillars of eliminating health and education disparities through research and partnerships. Donating to the health project will enable the continuation of physical activities.

Volleyball Team

The benefits of the health project are as follows:

1. Health benefits. Research from the CDC shows that physical activity improves mental health, helps in balancing body weight, and reduces the risk of contracting lifestyle diseases such as heart disease while at the same time ensuring that individuals can perform their everyday activities.  

2. Enhanced Socialization. Participating in walks and playing basketball or volleyball presents an opportunity for making new friends and enables people to foster greater teamwork and networking skills.

3. Promoting recreation. Engaging in physical activity can be enjoyable and stress-relieving. Promoting recreational activities outside of their normal activities (i.e. golfing, fishing, archery) will help to create lifelong recreation activities, maintain healthy lifestyles, build leadership skills, character, and resilience in all areas of life.

Based on the positive benefits of health activities, we are reaching out to ask for your financial support in eliminating health disparities. Your tax-deductible donations will go into projects and initiatives that support the promotion of healthy living.

With your tax-deductible donation, underserved students will receive quality college preparatory services, inclusive of college visits, hands-on innovative academic and social skills, and soft skills training. With your support, students will receive the highest level of college access and success and their dreams of attending college can be effectively realized.



Mrs. Y. Brown
Ms. D. Hutton
Walmart Ridgeland, Mississippi
University of Mississippi Center for Math and Science Education


($1,001- $50,000)

Kia Graham
Entergy Mississippi
Mississippi State Department of Health
Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries & Parks
Walmart Foundation
Wells Fargo



Mississippi Department of Education
Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service

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