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SR1 Robotics Team Kicks Off New Season

It’s that time of the year again–the 2021-2022 FIRST Robotics season has begun!

SR1 Scholars were gathered at our office on Saturday, September 18th to learn what this year’s competition would entail and to also become acquainted with the engineering process. Lead by SR1 Alum and Robotics coach Kia Graham, the students were asked to label items in the office that were made utilizing Civil, Mechanical, or Electrical engineering skills, and to also identify which parts of the previous year’s robot also fell into those categories.

SR1 Scholars learning about the differences between civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

Before the competition reveal, students were also given a hypothetical scenario to work through–transporting a soccer ball from point A to point B using a robot–to become acquainted with the steps of the engineering process so that when the time comes, they’ll be able to conceptualize a robot to use for this year’s competition.

SR1 Scholars work through the hypothetical scenario.

Speaking of this year’s competition–the theme of this year’s Tech Challenge is Freight Frenzy! In the introductory video, FIRST Tech Challenge Program Director Ken Johnson remarked that the next generations of engineers would be the ones to find new and innovative ways to improve the world of logistics, and modeled this year’s competition around that. The details of this year’s competition can be found here.

SR1’s Robotics team is excited to begin the new year and is looking forward to the competition!

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