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The new school year is underway! It is a challenging year with the Covid-19 pandemic ongoing, but students and parents are persevering! Despite the challenges, SR1 has ways for students to improve literacy and STEM skills and prepare for the ACT and college! SR1 is now enrolling students in Kindergarten through 12th grade for after-school programs for the 2021-2022 school year! It might be hot outside, but it is C.O.O.L.™ at SR1.

SR1 is an award winning 501(c)(3) organization that continuously strives to eliminate disparities in education, health, and technology through science and partnerships! SR1 provides high quality, no cost college-preparatory services! The value of these services is in the thousands of dollars. SR1 students have 100% on time high school graduation and college enrollment rates. Previous students have gone onto have successful college experiences and complete college degrees in their selected majors and onto careers in their field of study.

The main SR1 office is located in Ridgeland. Several other locations in Central Mississippi also serve as sites for student programs. Students meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 at the locations in Hinds, Madison and Scott Counties. Transportation is provided if needed.

SR1 uses a C.O.O.L.™ approach! C.O.O.L.™ stands for Community Oriented Opportunities for Learning. In the SR1 programs, students can use robotics, dissection, and other STEM activities that they might not get during school hours! Students can begin ACT preparation as well. K-3 students have a large emphasis on literacy. There is something for all ages and abilities!

Academics is not the only focus of SR1’s programs. Other C.O.O.L.™ programs include hygiene, outdoor and recreation, nature, social media, teen pregnancy prevention. All of the programs focus on helping students and their families be the best they can be!

SR1 has a limited number of spots available, so please apply as soon as you can! You can call the office at 601-206-4544 for more information or help applying. Detailed information on the programs and activities can be found on the website at

We cannot wait to meet you and start this school year in a C.O.O.L.™ way!

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